Itanagar: Road leading towards Upper Vivek Vihar is on the verge of collapse

Itanagar-  A portion of road leading towards Upper Vivek Vihar is at the verge of collapse and need immediate protection measures or else the only connectivity for more than 500 people will be disconnected.


The locals residing in the area inform Arunachal24 that a small portion of the said road was damaged  three days back. But  today early morning due to incessant and heavy rainfall the road  more damaged and it may collapse any time. The debris of the said landslide has fall on the road leading toward Dera Natung Government College.

The road of Upper Vivek Vihar is only road of the colony and if it collapse there will be no alternative for excess, at present only one way traffic is hardly managed and if immediate step are not taken it may collapse at any time if the rain continue. Locals said.

They locals further urge upon the capital administration and PWD authority to immediately take up necessary step for providing of protection measures of the said road of Upper Vivek Vihar.

It is to mention that if the portion of road collapse then a huge electric police erected may also fell down on the LT Line passing toward the collage and the colony.


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