Itanagar: Photo says why Itanagar ranked among 10 dirtiest cities

Itanagar :  ( By Manoj Singh ) –  The Above two Photographs are saying the story ” why the Itanagar is ranked among 10 dirtiest city of India “.  ( click here for related story ), and who are responsible for this.

These photographs are of the foot over bridge in the Naharlagun and Nirjuli area where once these banner were hanged for publicising an event. Now these banners have become discolored and torn and causing a lot of concern among the people as it gives a bad stain on the city’s beauty. Who is responsible for this, the people, the Municipal Corporation, the organization who hanged this banner, or the lack of rules and regulation and if there is any rule, then what is the reason for not taking any action by concerned authorities against those who do not follow the law. From the Editor’s desk



These footover bridge has also become the place for hanging banners of several known and known organization/party/union etc and these banners continue to hang for several days, month and even in some case it continue to be there and no one even try to clean and remove these banners which are of no use after the expiry of the programme mentioned.

There are several rules and regulation of using such places and the authority concern should implement in later and spirit and should also realize revenue if required from the concern organization, party and union.

There are few unused and damaged banners attached and hanging in the footover bridge lying toward road located on NH-415 at Borpani Bazar is being creating unhygienic. Such unhygienic these are showing bad image of our Itanagar smart city and we should also refrain of using such public platform in such way which give bad show.  locals observed.

The local denizens of capital complex urge upon the authority concern to take care of all public premises under their jurisdiction for its upkeep and hygiene and durability.


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  1. Cleanliness comes when our mind and psyche are clean. Since our psyche is either filled with Apong or ignorance there is little doubt this would be reflected in our cities as well. The first thing that has to happen is for the elders of AP to realize that the example they have set is the worst possible one and the legacy they are leaving behind is what is exemplified by the dirtiness in the cities and in the mind of youth. Becoming angry and violent at the smallest reason and trying to target those that are weaker is a sign of a decadent society.

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