Itanagar:  pathetic roads, poor bridges and land slides create havoc among people

A pathetic road leading to SP office, a hanging bridge at Hollongi , and land slide at several places in and around Itanagar telling the story of negligence of the department. 


By Manoj Singh

The road leading toward SP Capital, SP Security, G Extension and DDK Colony is in bad shape. The road  connect the ESS Sector on other end Via Door Darshan Colony, G Extension Colony and some portion of Donyi colony .

Several two wheeler have meet accident, and many got injured seriously due to the pathetic road condition. There have been several appeal by the locals to the authority but no body care, even for repairing of a small portion of the said road.

SP Capital Tumme Amo when contacted  said that ”  he informed  the PWD Capital Division B,  about this  road condition toward Capital SP and SP Security office from Ganga-Jully tri junction. Even he have written a letter to PWD CD B Executive Engineer about the very bad condition of the said road.

Further He also requested and appeal the PWD CD B authority for early repair of the said stretch and portion of road in the greater interest of public. Amo added.

A hanging bridge at Upper Hollongi village in Balijan circle is in also in bad shape and posing a serious threat to the commuters specially the school going children’s and local villagers.

Locals appeal the  administration for immediate repairing and maintenance or else there may a chance for a mishap because every day more than 200 children  using this hanging bridge to go their school.

Beside this, every day land slide in and around twin capital city also create panic as well as difficulties to the commuters.


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