Itanagar- MG Park at Nitivihar, Full of garbage- says locals

ITANAGAR- Residents of  Niti Vihar area of Itanagar Capital city have alleged that the area’s Mahatma Gandhi Park has become full of garbage due to apathy of the authorities.


They also stated that “ The park is hardly ever cleaned and over the time have been converted full of garbage . People either not using the dustbin, or the dustbin are full of garbage. We are suffering the mismanagement by the authority , locals said.

They  inform that it is a very happy moment that the administration and state government keeping in view of mounting demand of general public has established such small parks in various parts of capital Complex but most of such parks need immediate attention of concern authority as most of such parks are so dirty and flooded with garbage and papers of sweet/snakes and chips and cold drinks bottle and water bottles and in bad shape.

These small parks located in various parts of entire capital complex play a vital role for the people who doing daily exercise and children for play.

Some of such parks need proper fencing and renovation and repairing and appeal the authority to view it seriously and take immediate step for its better upkeep.

Meanwhile, the people residing in Niti Vihar area appeal to the authorities to visit all the park of capital city  and take proper steps for beautification, renovation  and keeping these park clean and maintained.


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