Itanagar: Corporators to work more in maintaining the cleanliness of the city- IMC Mayor

ITANAGAR-   The Mayor of Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Tamme Phassang, today emphasized the corporators to work more in maintaining the cleanliness of the city as it was before or during the G20 Summit in the state capital. He also urged the denizens of IMC jurisdiction to participate equally in keeping the city clean and green.

After conducting a business meeting with all the corporators and officials of the IMC on Friday, the Mayor stated that many significant points were discussed, including cleaning garbage, revenue generation, as well as adding manpower and vehicle support to IMC.


The mayor expressed concern over the corporation’s lack of manpower and announced plans to address the issue. He stated that the IMC would recruit at least 193 staff for various sectors, including ground forces and technical staff, and that the formalities for the recruitment were almost complete.

Responding to the query of the media, Mayor stated, that the absence of manpower has resulted in frequent complaints about the irregularity of garbage trucks in various wards. However, Phassang reassured the public that the problems would be resolved within a few weeks. The necessary formalities have already been completed to procure the required vehicles and enhance manpower to ensure proper garbage collection.

The Mayor further emphasized the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the city and urged the corporators and denizens of IMC jurisdiction to work together towards this goal. IMC is working on streamlining the weekly markets specially those which are active close to National Highways as well as taking action against those who block sector roads or highways with construction materials and other hurdles.

He  also stated that during the meeting, the house stressed on maintaining similar cleanliness as it was during the G-20 summit. Though the G-20 summit was held in the capital, IMC will make sure that it maintains the same cleanliness, provided that the public confers equal support to the corporation. He also urged the denizens to support the corporation by paying regular civic charges that will help IMC maintain its services.

Among others, Deputy Mayor- Biri Basang, Commissioner –IMC Likha Tejji, all the Corporators , Asst, Commissioner-IMC, Engineers and Revenue Officer of IMC attended the meeting held at IMC Conference room.


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