Itanagar: Body of Stillborn baby found near IG Park



A body of Stillborn baby found near IG Park on Wednesday morning which raised several suspension and concerned among the local residents of the area.

It may be the first incident which the local people of the area witness near IG Park in Niti Vihar on Wednesday when they show the body of a small child was found in a drain which was later informed to the local police here.

Itanagar SDPO Kamdam Sikom informed that a pregnant lady who delivered her stillborn child (baby) locally and due to economically backward she without finding any idea to disposed off the dead she throw it to the side drain near IG Park in Niti Vihar.

The lady ,  who seems to be mentally ill having two more children whose husband is out in district working for bread and butter. She even did not find a suitable place to disposed her as her health too was not in position to go around and could not inform the locality.

Sikom said that the police on getting information visited the spot and collected information and find out the mother later who confess the scene.

He said that a case of Un-natural dead have been registered at Itanagar Police Station and the lady was brought to police station and other necessary formalities has been done while the disposal of the body was done in proper way, further investigation is also  done for more information in the light of above. He added.


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