Hanyir Techi unhappy with late night movement of young boys and girls



Itanagar Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Hanyir Techi express her displeasure on the movement of young boys and girls during late night and said don’t waste time in moving late night rather concentrate in academic career so that they can in future become a torch bearer f the family and serve the family in better ways.

She was addressing the student community  on a social awareness programme on various issues  organised by Capital Nagrik Bhaichara Samity on Wednesday in Government Secondary School P Sector.

She explained the ill affect of the drugs and tobacco products, she emphasis the need to maintain health and hygiene, She elaborated the POCSO Act for protection of crime against women but need to have precautionary measures by not moving in late night, maintain simplicity with high thinking in life to become a good citizen and lead a discipline life. She also appeal the students to obey teacher and parents so that they will get love and affection from them.

IMC Councillor Gora Lotak in his address surprise over the young students involving in  drugs and other criminal activities now a days and appeal them to refrain from such activities and concentrate in studies other academic as well sporting activities to remain responsible citizen. He assure to construct Assembly shed in the school campus under current financial years

Dera Natung Government College Associate Professor Lily R. Jamoh gives tips to remain safe and secure with healthy environment in the present context of 21st century. He elaborates the need of challenges of life in getting a good education. She also spoke on awareness of activities related with young girls and women in society. Itafort Government health Dispensary Incharge Dr. Kabak Tamar spoke on the health related issue need for a healthy and happy. He also explained the ill affect of drug and tobacco products in body and mind.

School Headmaster Toku Raja and few senior teachers and members of the committee spoke on the occasion


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