Itanagar-Fresh landslide claim two houses in Museum colony



Fresh landslide triggered by heavy downpour claim two dwelling houses in Museum colony behind the Buddhist monastery in the town today.

The dwelling of Dayum Tapo and Dayum Takam was completely damaged by the landslide which hit the house early morning around 4 AM when the family in both houses were sleeping and narrowly escaped. However most of  the property was damaged and few property was hardly saved.

The IMC Councillor Pakyum Tagung have appeal the district administration and state government to provide necessary compensation to both family for rehabilitation and restoration purpose at the earliest possible.

However report received that the road blocked between New Pania and Talo in lower Subansiri,  the road condition between Bhalukpong-Sessa in West Kameng remain unstable and life and traffic movement remain a big problem due to continuous falling of shooting stone owing to heavy downpour and under construction of the said stretch of road for more than fifteen days. More over the distribution of water supply in Bhalukpong area remain disrupted for last  twenty days and local people are facing lots of problems in maintain day to day life in monsoon fury.


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