Arunachal Assembly passes resolution on Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy

Must Read- the whole discussion on TRP issue : In circulation of misunderstanding about TRP in social media Khandu said that without viewing the background people started commenting abruptly.


By Manoj Singh


Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly today passed resolution on Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy (TRP) by voice vote.

The TRP issue moved by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Bamang Felix on behalf of the government of Arunachal Pradesh for discussion and consideration of the house was passed by voice vote even after opposition by the Leader of Opposition Takam pario and former Chief Minister and lone Congress MLA Nabam Tuki.

Placing the resolution in the house for discussion Parliamentary Affair Minister Bamang Felix said that it is our responsibility and duty bound to protect the right of refugees on humanitarian ground and to provide them shelter and few thousand of Tibetan remained in Arunachal Pradesh. We are not performing extra ordinary activist for them.

He said that GOI after several meeting with Dalai Lama and central Tibetan Relief Committee and prepared TRP as a uniform guidelines for Tibetan refugee. This is only a policy and not act of Parliament which need to follow by state, it does not mean as mandatory. The policy was send by Ministry of Home affairs and after which we have a elaborate cabinet discussion  and cabinet decided to adopt  TRP-2014 by making suitable modifications in according to the law of the state. The policy is yet to implement in state and looking for a suitable modification. We cannot make our land as dumping ground.

Out of 10 states many have implements in toto but have not done so far. We shall go outside the house and talk to people and we shall clear the doubts on the policy and then it will be implemented.

Leader of Opposition Takam Pario participating the discussion said that first the state government need to get spastics of Tibetan population, land under their occupation, This is just a policy and not at all necessary to be adopted. Opposing the resolution and said it need to be withdrawn and after proper consultation with the stake holders which include civil society, NGO, student and then it may be brought to house for discussion and said he have objection over it.

Former CM and Sagalee MLA Nabam Tuki participating the resolution said that why the state government is in hurt on TRP. He said that it have already been decided by the cabinet and for implementation it does not required to bring to assembly seems some different.

The TRP is for whole country and it should be first brought to the public and then to assembly for consideration and then to government for implementation. The house have always passing against refugee and passing in favour of refugee hurriedly is not in the interest of state and appeal the Deputy Speaker and CM with folded hand not to do so which will jeopardise and say not good for us.

CM Pema Khandu while replying on the resolution said that  our larger interest was to get it suggestion from the stake holders with all CBO. The matter come to state in late 2014 when form CM Nabam Tuki was CM. Then CM have meet the delegation and assurance was given.

We should not mix the Chakma-Hajong refugee issue with Tibetan. They are in India with democratic set up through Tibetan government in exhale.

He also read up a message which was sent to Dalai Lama by then Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru “ my college and I welcome you and send greeting on safe arrival in India, we shall be happy to effort the necessary facilities to you your family and entourage to reside in India. The people of India who hold you in great veneration will no doubt accord their traditional respect to your patronage , time regard to you-Nehru”

In circulation of misunderstanding about TRP in social media Khandu said that without viewing the background people went into commenting abruptly.

Though it is a policy of GOI and we need to discuses thoroughly and there is no need to send it to committee but to take up for open discussion with the CBO and all stake holders after passing.

The resolution was later put to vote where it was adopted by voice vote while Tuki and Pario opposed.

Participating the discussion Dumporijo MLA Pakanga Bage said that we have 14 lakh and 17 @ KM but in TRP many have misconcept in many people mind, Tibetan are in many parts of state and it is merely a rehabilitation Policy and not implemented in our state. There is a need of registration and identify their existence and some facilities is there in the policy. The cretinism is to miss-concept due to lack of awareness. They need to settled in specific area or the rights of local indigenous may be danger and appeal the civil society to know the facts and government to create awareness before it is taken up and also wanted to constitute an expert committee while supported the resolution.

Ziro MLA Tage Taki placing his view said that sent by centre to the states for implementation. Being a good neighbour we need to help them during their need, As per 2009 session 110000 Tibetan refugees spread across 10 states of the country. He said that we are not giving land to Tibetan individuals but lease through Tibetan government in exile for a period of 20 years. Few points like participation in MGNERGA which is panchayat subject is a concern, providing of Awas Yojna need to be examined. Providing of employment like of non tribals through which they come by competitive should not be a matter if done. We need to take up the resolution with modification to suit the public.

Tali MLA Markio Tado participating the discussion on TRP-2014 said that Tibetan are settled in Miao, Tezu and Tenzinggoan is a sensitive issue has to be thoroughly batted before its is taken up to cabinet. The issued could be brought before all political party through round table, NGO, civil society which have not being done by the state government. Today section of society including legislature wanted that how it is being implemented.

It required batting before adopting the policy, the guidelines promugulated have lots of defective and how many land as of now occupied by then and how much of population of household is of registered is available or not. What is the position of now of dossier of Tibetans settled in Arunachal before the policy is being implemented.

Tado said that before any lease agreement with the Central Tibetan rehabilitation committee, registration need to be done, if refugee in terms of employment all clarification need to be done so that it does not affect the youths in future. He confused on how the welfare officers of Tibetan would carry sensuous every after five is totally confusing and said that it need thoroughly batting. He suggested that we have provision of 7th schedule and concurrent list and lots of protection and state have to be protected and not mandatory to implement but on ground of humanitarian saying ‘service to man is service to god’ and requested to sending it to joint selected committee in view of public sentiments which would convene the public.

Mebo MLA Lombo Tayeng while supporting the move of the government he said that if we have a proper screening to order to avoids ‘lafras’ certain modification is required and also Tibetan turned Indian should be traced first.

LUMLA MLA Jambey Tashi while supporting the resolution said that first we have to know about the TRP, Tibetan issue is not new . They are settled in Tenzinggoan, Miao and Tezu they are not behind citizenship and employment. The policy is under in progress in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The Tibetan are fighting for the independence and they may go back.

He said that Tibetans institutional established in India like at Tawang and others and reputed TCV which are under HRD Ministry wherein students of Buddhist are getting education. There have been demand of including of Bodhi language under 8th schedule of the constitution. The relation with Tibet is good and we should not compare Tibetan with other refugees.

Nacho MLA Tanga Byaling while said that there is no specific direction from Centre to implement and if implemented there would be problem. To protect the indigenous people it is our responsibility. He asked specific land settlement under them and whether Refugee card distributed, we need to carry survey first. The influx of population of refugees in due course of time is like a cancer. He suggested to constitute a committee for proper survey and submission of report to centre for additional sanction for refugees.

Borduria-Bogapani MLA Wangling Lowangdong said that one nation one law cannot be applicable in case of Arunachal Pradesh as it is special state, while bounded by three country regulated by EBFA, Chin Hill Act and others. all foreigners need PAP while our people need ILP.

The Tibetan of Changlang in Miao are well within in the demarcated area, they are hardworking and religious people but shows his concern on issue of employment opportunity in government service have to be carefully analysed.

He wanted the legal status of land holding of the settlement in state. He said that before taking any decision few issue like concern of the people, youths and not at the cost of our own people while supported the resolution.

Bomdila MLA Japu Deru said that the Britishers encourage started cultivation of tea in India and find Lhasa at its market. After arrival of Dalai Lama from Tibet and local trade between Arunachal-Tibet is not new. He said that in total 45 camps there have been more than 110,000 Tibetan refugees living in country. We need to understand, we are tribal and preserve culture, sometime Takar complex termed at refugee while some legislature as Tibetan is not fair and we are one. The central government have not directed to create any new law but directed for some facilities and it would not affect any indigenous population. He said that the people of the area affected should know the TRP and copy may reached to them and support the resolution.

Anini MLA Rajesh Tacho said that the population of Tibetan would increase and a time will come   its population will rise. Today the educational and health scenario of state is not good inspite of creating development of state why we need to go for providing benefits to refugees and opposed the resolution. If it is passed today it will not good.

Minister AH, Vety & CA Dr. Mohesh Chai while saying Tibetan as law abiding and peace loving and hard working people said it is not bad to give them rights and facilities to them without harming the indigenous population. Now it have been observed silence in the camp and they truly respect their boundary and their population might have reduced in search of better future and better opportunity.

Everything is normal in the Tezu camp and implementation of TRP would not be benefited much more as Central School of GOI is already there while enjoying the electricity and water as well as road etc and supported the move.

Thangwang Wangham said that since as students leader he always stand against refugee but today whole students and civil society is opposing the move and here we are advocating for their right is quite contradictory.

He said that we have always moving the resolution against refugee and this would be first to obtain for favour of refugees and we need to rethink for it. our own Indian brother are not allowed without ILP and we should not do to make a dumping ground. However these issue are long pending and now is the time to decide for our future generation for this case and we need to rise and discuss wherein the facilities to refugees is not affected while taking up such resolution without affecting the ingenious. We should not abruptly except the policy send by the central government like APCOA from Maharashtra. We need proper consultation and discuses thoroughly with technocrats, bureaucrat, civil society. He supported for providing facilities on humanitarian basis. He suggested for separate budget and funding provision for refugees. How can they be accommodate and entertain   in government wherein every year we are producing large numbers raduates without opportunities and avenue of own state and Wangham  raised question

He said that refugees need to be given with identity card adn their registration could be done while GoAP officers should be engaged to carry out census, how long will they stay in country and simply. We cannot depriving the indigenous people at the cost of our own people only  limited to ‘Khana pina’ and supported the TRP.

Limimoba MLA Nyamar Karbak said that it is a matter of debate outside the house with NGOs in regards to providing of subsidy to the students of refugees in case of engineering and medical study and supported.

Minister Agriculture Wangki Lowong said that refugee word itself need sympathy but we have bitter experience with Chakma-Hajong and find that they are struggling for dominance while TRP is struggling for survival.

Supporting the Tibetan refugees said that they are cooperative and said that it would not affect the exchequers.

Minister, WRD etc Kamlung Mosang said that 2000 Acers of land have been earmarked wherein 1692 family members as per 2011 are there in his assembly constituency in Miao.  I am not concern with TRP-2014 as refugees are not harmful in all respected.

The facility is required to all human being and we should not have objection in passing the bill.

Minister Education Honchun Ngandam said that this government believe in transparency and after due consultation with stack holders in the greater interest of the people of state. There should not be such a ways that one have not supported in discussion in the house. There is  no negative feeling of the government of the issue and support the issue. Chakma-Hajoang case is different in compare to TRP. Supporting the resolution appeal the CM to distribute the TRP policy across the state.

Minister RD & PR Alo Libang said that that we need not to constitute any committee and outright adopt the TRP policy.

Referring various regulation of law of land whatever TRP policy is discussed and taken up it would be after through discussion outside the house.

He however appeal the members to support the government in passing the policy

Changlang MLA Phosum Khimum, Aalo (E) MLA Jarkar Gamlin, GD Wangsu.


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