Freedom 251: Allegations of fraud levelled against Ringing Bells by Call-centre

New Delhi

In another controversial turn the Ringing Bells, manufacturer of smartphone Freedom 251  has been accused of “fraud” and non-payment of dues by its customer service provider company Cyfuture.


In a press statement, Cyfuture’s founder and CEO Anuj Bairathi claims that it is a vendor of Ringing Bells, and was contracted by the company to provide call-center support for its smartphone brand in India. Cyfuture alleges that Ringing Bells has not fulfilled payments due to them.  Cyfuture’s claims they hired more than 100 professionals and made a helpline live in 3 days for Ringing Bells.

“The first few days after the phone was launched, the call-center number received lakhs of calls which were attended and promptly responded to and even Ringing Bells was happy with our services. However, when we started asking for our payments, which were to be made to us on a weekly basis, they started making false allegations and abruptly decided to terminate our services citing unsatisfactory services without adhering to any of the clauses mentioned in the agreement signed between us,” alleges Bairathi.

Bairathi’s statement says that they had been skeptical of Ringing Bells and their business model, but decided to go ahead with the deal in good faith. Cyfuture claims that allegations of unsatisfactory services being provided to terminate the contract are false and unsubstantiated. The company lists players like IBM, Wipro, ICICI, Aviva, Axis Bank as its clients on its official website.

Bairathi said as per their agreement, in the event of termination due to unsatisfactory services, Ringing Bells was to provide a 30 day notice-period and make all pending payments.

Refuting the charges, Ringing Bells said people approaching helpdesk were unable to connect and the company directly received thousands of complaints from customers in this regard.

Now Cyfuture  are planning  to take all necessary legal recourse including filing a police complaint to fight thier case. they have started talking with police and file case by today or tomorrow.


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