Congress expresses concern about NO CASH in ATMs




Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) president Takam Sanjoy while addressing the reporters at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan on Tuesday expressed concern over the present scenario and problems faced by the common people today in the state are not to find money in the ATM. Due to this problem there is economic and human chaos. Small vendors and public are suffering today which has never happened during the stand of congress government in the state.

The Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 which is exceptional in the state like Arunachal Pradesh has recently witnessed many raids. There is a proper legal way with procurement of acceptance letter from the concerned department for the raid by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Income Tax office. Not mentioning to any particular name of individual or any company Takam Sanjay said this is illegal way of approach and the congress party will not tolerate such kind of political move from the centre and the state.

He welcomed the newly appointed Komkar Riba as the president of newly created District Congress Committee (DCC) Lower Siang. “We are happy for the newly appointed president DCC as well as for Rahul Gandhi to be elected unanimously as president All India Congress Committee (AICC), he said.”


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