Itanagar: Kumar Waii Inaugurates Police Assistance Booth at RK Mission Hospital



The home minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Kumar Waii on Friday inaugurated newly constructed Police Assistance Booth at RK Mission Hospital in  presence of DGP, SBK Singh, Swami Vishweshananda, Senior Police Officers and the staffs of RK Mission Hospital.

This Police booth  will provide round the clock assistance to the Medical Staffs in particular and common public in general.

There were many instances where doctors and medical staffs were assaulted by the anti social elements during night hour, now this Police Booth will give assistance and solve the problems faced by the doctors and the medical staffs in the RK Mission Hospital.

The main motive of DGP to create this Police Booth to provide immediate assistance during emergency as both the Police and Medical organisations dealt with emergency situation. This Police Booth will also breach the gap between both the Organisations.


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