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Cattle Smuggling increases at International Border – BSF



If the BSF is to be believed, cattle smuggling  has shown a phenomenal increase this year at International border. Though desperation on the part of cattle smugglers are seen, as they are making very daring bids to cross over but somehow they have not been successful.

In the process of continuous seizure of cattle, on 26th April 2016, on a tip-off, the BSF troops deployed at Lynghat and Baldamgiri under East Khasi Hills and South West Garo Hills districts seized 32 cattle being smuggled to Bangladesh from India.

 The essential measures like auctioning of these cattle beyond 100 to 150 Km away from international border and having a system of ascertaining credentials of auctioneers and purchasers will somehow act as a catalyst to lower the frequency of cattle smuggling. By doing this will automatically increase the cost of transportation for the smugglers and hence act as an effective deterrent.

 The BSF troops has countered the smugglers very effectively and none of their nefarious designs or mischievous adventures was allowed to succeed.The BSF have taken a series of measures to curb cattle smuggling along the border.

 Besides, BSF troops deployed at Baghmara, South West Garo Hills seized three rafts with 114.19 Cft wooden worth Rs.7.70 Lacsfrom the Simsang river. This is the second instance in the same area. Earlier, two rafts with 79.98 Cft wooden log worth Rs.5.40 Lacs was seized last week. The BSF troops are facing both mental and physical exertions while seizing such huge quantity of wooden/forest products floating in the river. It takes tremendous physical labour to extract heavy wooden logs out of rivers which sometimes agonizes the jawan but does not lower their spirit.

 Seized items were handed over to concerned department for further legal action.


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