BTSMM observes Black day against Chinese incursion at Sikkim


Against the recent  Chinese incursion at Sikkim,  the Bhartiya Tibet Sahayog Manch Mahila Bibag of Arunachal Pradesh (BTSMMBAP) BJP took out  a protest rally and observe black day at Tennis Court IG Park on Sunday.

The black day had been observed by the Bhartiya Janta Party all over India to condemn the act of China as a coward and here BTSMMBAP burn the effigy of china forces as the agitation.

The recent video of Chinese force trying to enter India through Sikkim which put the whole nation at agitation and obstruction of Kailash Mansorvar Yatra by the Chinese had agitated many Indians particularly the north eastern.

Regarding the incident BTSMMBAP had condemn the act as coward and said that North eastern state will always be as a integral part of India and appeal to the citizens to show patriotism and condemns the cowardly act of Chinese force.



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