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BSF Seizes Huge Herd of Cattle at Bangladesh Border


The BSF troops once again showing constant alertness on Indo-Bangladesh border seized a huge number of cattle during last two days from the bordering areas of four districts of Meghalaya, while being smuggled into Bangladesh from India. The BSF seized 103 cattle during last two days from Meghalaya border.

BSF-SEIZED-CATTLE--2On receiving inputs of suspected movement of cattle towards International Border, the BSF troops immediately rushed towards the suspected area in Lynkghat where smugglers were attempting their nefarious act during broad daylight. The lineman was monitoring the movement of BSF observation post. The BSF troops laid a trap to nab the cattle smugglers with cattle by placing party at flanks and let the smugglers move towards International Border. As soon as the cattle smugglers came near to the IB were challenged by the BSF but they managed to flee taking advantage of thick vegetation and huge haul of cattle was running here and there. The BSF troops cordoned the area and seized 66 cattle from the spot.

It must be noted that the Lyngkhat area is notorious for cattle smuggling and such attempts have been obstructed several times by the sentinels of the border. However all the border dwelling people on Indian side are being regularly briefed and sensitized on the issue for seeking their co-operation by the BSF.

 Another 37 cattle were seized by vigilant BSF troops from other areas of border at different places in different districts.

 Similarly, in another incident the BSF troops deployed at Gasuapara, South West Garo Hills Distt, seized 11 cattle. The smuggling of local cattle and calves has also increased in Garo Hills district. The trans-border sources of BSF has revealed that young calves are in demand in Bangladesh as their meat is mixed with goat meat to get more profit.

Cattle smuggling has shown a phenomenal increase this year as compared to the past few years. Due to the rise in the water level of the river since the onset of monsoon and inclement weather smugglers attempt to exploit adverse climatic conditions but the Border Security Force has always foiled such smuggling activities. It is also apprehended that forthcoming festival of Eid may also be the reason behind the increase in smuggling bids as the demand of beef increases manifold in Bangladesh during this period.

All the seized items handed over to concern department for further legal action.


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