Arunachal: Eviction from Chandranagar-Papu Nallah- 4th day

Eviction from Chandranagar-Papu Nallah  continue for 4th day but at a slow pace while building owner continue to protest.


The ongoing eviction drive being carried by the Capital district administration enter its fourth day but at a snail speed with protest of building owners.

The eviction drive which began on October 24 from Chandranagar bridge point is still  in the same locality and being locked in Chandranagar due to protest by the commercial building owners.

The owners continue to complain to the eviction team and raising several technical points to them but the authority continue to carry out its drive even if there is a protest by the owners, business communities and others.

The officers of the Highway department and the Executive Magistrate on duty is maintaining the 15 metre from the centre line of the Highway. The drive shall continue upto Jully try junction point in Naharlagun until further order from the authority, said the officer on duty.

Few owners have been complaining of non receipt of eviction notice of which the drive is being conducted now a days. Few complain of non receipt of any compensation for their structure. Few complain of  due to change in alignment their property is being destroyed without having any humanitarian ground. Few said that even if their property is not in the eviction list their property is being evicted and dismantled and sought halt and revivification of their structure before it is dismantled.


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