Arunachal: work for protection and conservation of environment, forest and water source- Nabam Rebia

Poma:  Nabam Rebia, Member of Rajya Sabha from Arunachal Pradesh , today exhorted the people of state to take up the responsibility for protection and conservation of environment, Forest, and all source of water for the better living of humanity on mother earth.

Rebia was addressing a community awareness and sensitization porgramme . He said that ‘we have seen two world war which were fought for supremacy but the third world war will be held for water if the trend continue of destruction of forest and damaged to the environment’ he said.


Time has come and everyone has to wake up from deep slumber and take up for conservation and protection of environmental, forest flora and fauna. Life without clean and green environment with full of oxygen, flora and fauna it is doubtful, and the existence of human may be disappeared in time to come. He said

Since I have been a leader from this area, always advocate and emphasis for planting of more trees and plantation and keep the area greenery. He also emphasis the locals not to destroy the natural vegetation in the upper ridge of the rivers and natural nallah, perennial spring and the source of water supply and help in keeping up the cycle chain of  environment intact. Rebia said.

He assured all support to keep the Papum and Poma river and its area clean and eco friendly. On demand of the public he assured to provide a fund of Fifty lakhs for construction of auditorium for Khamir village

He urge upon the locals not to interfere  in the developmental work in the area by the department which are in the greater interest of public service, specially health, education, environment and forest and climate change and global warming.

Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Pige Ligu attending the function as guest of honour said that been discussion everywhere on climate change and global warming. Everyone need to know about it so that everyone support and cooperate government as well as NGOs and others who work for conservation of environment and forest, flora and fauna.

The conservation issue need to be taken up as a movement and campaign and urge upon the department authority to organise such more awareness programme at village level so that we can protect the wild animals and environment and forest for our survival Ligu added

Soil and water conservation, Director Joram Pupa, Director Environment and conservation D Dohu Robin, Scientist G Murtem, Dr Bhupen Mili, Poma Goan buras Tacha Markha, youth leader Techi Nyajung, GB Techi Nane, Taba Tadung, Taba Kunia, Techi Tempo among others also address the gathering.

The programme was organized by Directorate of Environment and climate change in association with directorate of Soil and water conservation and NABARD.

The chief guest and guest of honour also distributed farm tools and equipments under agro forestry components to the coordinators, GBs  and few farmers.


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