Arunachal: Training programmes on “Disaster response” by 12 Bn NDRF


DOIMUKH- 12 BN NDRF organized the training programmes on “Disaster response” to community volunteers, SDRF personnel’s and NCC cadets .

12Bn National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is organizing various capacity building & training programmes for SDRF, NCC & Volunteers for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) at 12 NDRF Hqr Doimukh and other locations. 12 NDRF is Imparting specialized training to SDRF personnel at chimpu Itanagar, Capacity building programme for   NCC cadets at Rajiv Gandhi University campus & at 5 Assam Bn NCC.

Any disaster requires a quick response to save lives, contain the damage and prevent any secondary disasters. Affected community is always the “First Responder. Volunteers from the community play a vital role in immediate response to any disaster. State Disaster Response Force and NCC cadets’ plays important role for providing immediate relief to the disaster victims.  12 NDRF is preparing them through capacity building programmes for better outcome in disaster response.

Comprehensive course content has been prepared by 12 NDRF, Itanagar including topics like Basic Search and Rescue, patient assessment, BLS & CPR, Snake Biting, Fire safety, group exercises, etc. The Capacity building programme training will consists both theoretical and practical sessions so as to build the capacity and confidence of volunteers as well as NCC Cadets to act as first responders to a disaster in their respective areas. Apart from this Basic Disaster Management & Advance equipment training like deep diving, speed boat handling & collapse structure search and rescue techniques training continues to SDRF personnel.

In 8 weeks training to SDRF ,12 NDRF trainers are  building capacity of 40  SDRF personnel. A mega State level disaster training prograamme to volunteers is going on and its 1st batch of 102 volunteers completed on friday and around 500 more have to trained in next 05 bathes. At Rajiv Gandhi University Campus around 500 NCC Cadets and at 5 Assam Bn around 115 cadets receive basic knowledge and skills on disaster management.

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