Arunachal: Parents against Null & void convenes meeting at Pasighat, appeals govt not to nullify the entire exams for few wrong

PASIGHAT-   ( By Maksam Tayeng ) –  In a bid to protest against the proposed null & void declaration of APPSC exams from 2014 to till date as accepted by the state government after the recent demands made from the Pan Arunachal Joint Steering Committee (PAJSC), the parents whose candidates are going to get affected out of the null & void, convened a general meeting at Giidii Notko (festival ground), Pasighat here today and decided to move the state government for roll back the acceptance of declaring the exams null & void.

After a detail discussion on the null & void demands of PAJSC, the parents against null & void committee headed by Advocate Toning Pertin suggested the state government for constituting a particular screening committee to identify out the genuine and tainted candidates or by the help of CBI or SIC the tainted candidates can be removed without affecting the genuine candidates.


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“Declaring the entire examinations of APPSC null & void is not the solution; it’s going to create far reaching repercussions. So we are opposing the demand for null & void by PAJSC, and accordingly termed it against the rights of natural justice, illogical, and immature for those who are now serving for the state government in different departments and posts”, said Pertin.

From the mothers side Mrs Germany Lego Pertin  and Mrs Mumtak Saroh also rued the same who demanded for natural justice of the genuine and non tainted candidates whose entire lives are under jeopardize if the state government moves on with declaring the entire examination of APPSC since 2014.

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“We all as parents have been supporting the genuine demands of all the aggrieved candidates for punishment of all those who are involved in the APPSC paper leakage case. But after bringing the issue of declaring the entire examination of APPSC as null & void by APJSC, we parents are now divided and we are completely against the null & void demands of APJSC. Such demands if proceed, will throw out and render several unemployed which will not only affect those genuine candidates, but also it will affect the future generation of those affected candidates” added Germany Lego Pertin.

 “Such situation of unemployment and depression out of null & void affect may also lead to rise of crime in the society, in such cases who will take the responsibility”, questioned Mumtak Saroh.

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One Talom Tabing, Convener of Parents Against Null & Void also raised several serious concerns on the certain far reaching effects upon the genuine candidates who made through the exams out of their merit. If hundreds of young officers and officials serving in the state government are thrown out, the entire family of the persons will get affected economically and such situations and depression may even lead to suicide. So, as an intellectual group, we hope the state government will do justice to the genuine candidates also and we expect the same support and cooperation from the team APJSC, added Tabing.

Recently, the state government after days of protest by the PAJSC and the public agreed to fulfill the 13-point demand. Of the 13 points, one of the demands was null & void of the entire exams from 2014, wherein malpractices had been found. Now it is to be seen how the state government proceeds with the demands from both PAJSC and parents against null & void, because at their respective demands both claim to be genuine. So, an inclusive and matured decision is awaited from the government wherein the genuine demands of the APJSC and Parents Against Null & Void are equally addressed.


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