Itanagar:  Kaso, Babu and Achung assured to work for public services if elected

Itanagar Constituency has triangular fight among BJP candidate Kipa Babu, INC candidate Ymlang Achung  and  JDU candidate Techi Kaso .



The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) declared the remaining six tickets on Thursday and prompted sitting MLA of Itanagar assembly constituency, Techi Kaso to resign from the party.

Without mincing any words, Kaso, in his resignation letter cited the denial of party ticket as the reason for his resignation.

Speaking to reporters after his resignation, Kaso said, “I do not know why I was denied the party ticket. The recommendations from here were good, but I don’t know what happened in Delhi. I have given my all to the party ever since I joined it, and kept faith in it till the very end. However, I did not expect such injustice from the party.”

He informed that he will now be contesting for the Itanagar seat from the Janata Dal (United).

“All the parties are good, and it isn’t only about the party, but about the people in them. I feel that the JD(U) is a good party and so do all my supporters, which is why I have chosen to contest from it.”

On his prospects of winning the elections, Kaso said, “The people here have the sensibility and know who and how their leaders are. The people will decide what kind of leader they want to represent them.”

Several other party leaders and workers, who were supporters of Kaso, also resigned from the party on the same day. More are expected to follow suit.

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On receiving the BJP ticket from Itanagar seat, former MLA Kipa Babu said that his “good track record” has earned him the ticket.

“When I was the MLA from 2004 to 09, I made sure that law and order situation was well-maintained. The people’s trust in me may have prompted the party leaders to give me the BJP ticket,” he said.

While Babu said that the exit of several party leaders was their individual decision, he appealed to all workers and leaders to trust the party leadership and work together to make sure that the party comes out victorious in the 2019 elections.

Congress candidate for the Itanagar seat and Itanagar Market Welfare Association (IMWA) President Yumlam Achung said that the party selected him “probably because the party always selects those who can beat the competition.”

On receiving the party ticket merely weeks after joining the party, he said “everyone has to start somewhere. My candidature had nothing to do with the time spent in the party, but on my capabilities and chances of winning, like all other parties.”

Achung said, “I trust my work and relationship with the people. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago and people have to give someone new a chance so that the people can see for themselves whether they chose the right person or not.”

His services as IMWA president is known to the business communities and other people of twin city may also understand my service and assumed to work for several public services including development and beatification of township. Achung added.


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