Arunachal: Padmashree YD Thongchi released Nending Ommo’s book ‘Resonance: Echoes of Life’

'Resonance: Echoes of Life' is the fifth literary offering of Nending Ommo, a heartfelt collection of his poems that have been carefully crafted over the years.

ITANAGAR-   Renowned Sahitya Akademi Awardee and President of the Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society (APLS), Padmashri Y. D. Thongchi released ‘Resonance: Echoes of Life,’ a poetic masterpiece authored by Nending Ommo, an Assistant Professor at Dera Natung Government College (DNGC) Itanagar.

‘Resonance: Echoes of Life’ is the fifth literary offering of Nending Ommo, a heartfelt collection of his poems that have been carefully crafted over the years.


The event was attended by several prominent figures, including DNGC Principal Dr. M. Q. Khan, APLS General Secretary Mukul Pathak, and Arunachal Front Editor & Adviser of APLS, Nani Kojin, Deputy Director of Economics and Statistics Mindu Dorjee Naksang.

The literary luminaries present included Dr. Hage Tabyo, the Ziro Branch President of APLS, Dr. Techi Upen Tara, Vice Principal of Government College Yachuli, Imumani Das, APLS Assistant Cultural Secretary, professors and students of DNGC.

Head of Department (English) Dr. J. R. Padhi welcomed the gathering and expressed that Ommo’s poems dealt with complex issues in simple words that will resonate with his readers.

DNGC Principal Khan in his keynote address commended the author’s ability to distill profound experiences and thoughts into simple yet evocative expressions in his poems. Khan emphasised his encouragement for college teachers to engage in book publication and expressed his joy at Ommo’s debut poetry work. He also delivered an insightful discourse on poetry, tracing its evolution from luminaries like TS Eliot to William Wordsworth.

Arunachal: Padmashree YD Thongchi released Nending Ommo's book 'Resonance: Echoes of Life'

During his address, APLS President Padmashree Y. D. Thongchi expressed his delight at the burgeoning literary activities and the literary works contributed by writers from Arunachal Pradesh. He highlighted the relentless efforts of the Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society in nurturing a robust literary community within the state, resulting in numerous writers regularly penning and publishing their works. He also underscored that the literary works of the local writers should be included in the curriculum of schools to University.

APLS General Secretary Pathak lauded Nending Ommo’s poetic creations, describing them as a sincere reflection of his beliefs and perspectives on life’s diverse facets.

Vice Principal of Government College Yachuli Dr. Techi Yoen Tara who graced the event as a special invitee while congratulating Ommo said that he is a hidden lamp full of talents and vigour and he rightly vented out his literary acumen through the book.

Nending Ommo, a prolific author, had previously published four books, including ‘Love Song to Jesus’ (2007), ‘The Quintessence of Apatani Language (Prelude)’ (2011), ‘Phonetics and Phonology of Apatani’ (2015), Co-edited book ‘Apatani: Change and continuity’ (2023). Ommo’s sixth book, the second edition of ‘The Quintessence of Apatani Language (Prelude)’ is under print.

Assistant Professor Dr. Taro Sindik of the Department of Hindi at DNGC while moderating the programme provided a glimpse into Ommo’s journey as a writer and poet.

A former student of DNGC, Talu Mara, enriched the event with a recitation of a poem titled ‘Racial Blues’ from Ommo’s latest book.

Assistant Professor in English Ms. Joram Reynu proposed the vote of thanks to the gathering and expressed her happiness as the book release was an achievement for the department and the college.

The crowning jewel of the evening, ‘Resonance: Echoes of Life,’ is a compilation of 64 captivating poems by Nending Ommo, published by HSRA Publication, Bengaluru which is available in local book stores and soon will be available on Amazon, Flipkart and Kindle. This literary event not only celebrated Ommo’s poetic prowess but also served as a testament to the thriving literary landscape in Arunachal Pradesh, nurtured by the relentless efforts of the Arunachal Pradesh Literary Society.


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