Arunachal: NES express Concern over poll related violence

The Nyishi Elite Society ( NES )expressed serious concern over large scale poll related violence in Kurung Kumey and Kra Dadi districts, inhabited by the community.



The Nyishi Elite Society ( NES )expressed serious concern and univocally denounced the administration for its alleged inept handling of the election process leading to large scale poll related violence in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi districts, inhabited by the community. The spurt in violence reportedly led to re-polling in six polling booths under Palin Assembly Constituency, three each under Nyapin and Tali, and six polling booths under Koloriang.

The NES, in an emergency executive body meeting here on Monday, condemned in unequivocal terms the spurt of violence which led to loss of one precious life – Bengia Tamang, and snapping of suspension bridges in Kurung Kumey & Kra Daadi districts.

The administration and police must arrest the culprits involved in killing of late Bengia Tamang and destruction of bridges, the NES demanded.

Further expressing its dismay over inflow of huge arms and ammunition purportedly despite the fact that the model code of conduct was in force, the apex body urged the administration to initiate foolproof measures to combat the anti-social elements in the ongoing election process and demanded a thorough enquiry (into the killing of the GB) and punishment to the culprits.

“In the electoral history of Arunachal Pradesh with its 1st election (held) in February 1978, when Janata Party came to power under the leadership of P K Thungon, Arunachal has never seen such large scale violence till the last election held in 2014.

Conspicuous maiden ‘gun culture’ – gunshot spree and cold-blooded killing of people, unknown in the past, has created a darkest history in the electoral system in 2019. This will imprint an indelible mark in the heart and soul of the innocent peace-loving people of this beautiful state. The cash-for-vote and other gratifications had also created its own history, this year!”, the NES remarked.

While appreciating the peace initiative of the Bengia Welfare Society (BWS) as addressed to the Deputy Commissioner-cum DEO, Kurung Kumey, the NES appealed all the senior members, political leaders, Govt officers, NGOs, CBOs, and women, youth & students organisations, and more particularly, all the contesting candidates, political parties to contribute meaningfully for restoration of peace and tranquility in both the districts.


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