Arunachal: JMS conducts drug awareness programme at Debing village

PASIGHAT- ( Maksam Tayeng )-  In a bid to save the youths from falling prey to the growing drug menace in the district, the Jering Matkir Society (JMS) led by its President, Tapur Ketan and Secretary General, Tarem Darang conducted a drug awareness programme at Debing village near Assam-Arunachal boundary today by inviting the people of Debing, Depi and Detak villages which was also attended by Tajing Jonnom, ADC Ruksin and team WASE.


The drug awareness programme was held at the community hall of Debing village wherein office bearers and members of Women Against Social Evils (WASE) were called in as Resource Persons so that WASE could explain the people about the seriousness of the drug menace as the WASE activists have been into the job from several years from now as they are already winning accolades from all quarters including the Government for their niche against drug menace.

“We are so glad to see the JMS office bearers and members coming forward and volunteering themselves in fighting against this serious social menace of drug addiction and we hope other societies will also do the same”, said Joya Tasung Moyong.

Speaking on the sideline of the drug awareness programme, JMS President, Tapur Ketan raised concern over the growing numbers of youths falling prey to the drug addictions. “Our children, our youths are our future and hence we all need to extend our hands toward the administration and police in fighting against the menace.

We will next such awareness programme for Ruksin & Ngorlung village on 28th Aug’2022, Sille, Oyan & 12 Mile on 11th Sept’2022 and Mirem village on 18th Sept’2022 as our continued effort to create more awareness among the youths and other society members”, added Ketan.

While, Tajing Jonnom, Addl. Dy. Commissioner, Ruksin Sub-Division laid emphasis on public and society supports from all other clans and organizations so as to put a complete check on the transportation and shipment of drug items into the villages and towns of Arunachal Pradesh from Assam. He said that most of the borders with Assam are porous due to which administration and police alone can’t stop the drugs coming to Arunachal.

But public cooperation at the lines of WASE and JMS will help the administration and police in fighting against the menace. “I appeal to every society of the Adi community including NGOs, village committees, SHGs to extend their support in fighting against the drug menace before these addictions destroy our youths”, added Jonnom.


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