Arunachal: ICAR Basar organises field day on pulse and oilseed for farmers

BASAR- A farmers’ field day on pulses and oilseeds was conducted in the presence of Dr. H. Kalita, Joint Director ICAR Centre, Basar to demonstrate on the varietal performances of various pulses and oilseed varieties at Basar under Leparada district today, informed ICAR Basar in a release.

Dr. L.Touthang, Scientist (Plant Breeding) demonstrated and explained about the importance of varietal selection on pea and its cultivation technique. While Badapmain Makdoh Scientist (Agronomy) demonstrated the performance of linseed varieties with its nutritional benefits. He also demonstrated the various components of an integrated farming system.


Dr. Theja Angami, Scientist (Fruit Science) explained about the cultivation of nutritional vegetables in low cost rain-shelter for generation of more income from limited areas. The method of seed treatment with biofungicide and biocontrol agents was demonstrated by Dr. K. Suraj SMS (Plant Pathology) and Dr. Raghuveer Singh, Sr. Scientist explained about the integrated diseases management in king chilli and tomato under rain shelter.

The importance of animal husbandry in the farming system was explained by Dr. Doni, Sr. Scientist (Veterinary Extension). Participatory varietal selection on pea and linseed varieties was also done by the farmers participating in the programme based on their suitability in the local climatic condition. The farmers were asked to replicate the various low cost technology demonstrated in the research farm of ICAR Basar.

The farmers were elated to get such an exposure visit and requested to organise field days from time to time, added ICAR Basar in the release.


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