Arunachal: Controversy over Chandranagar – Baderdeva 4 Lane project

AAPSU raised a controversy by claiming the  involvement of District Administration in compensation of Chandranagar – Baderdeva 4 Lane project .



Alleging involvement of Deputy Commissioner (DC) Prince Dhawan in mismanagement and misappropriation  of four lane highway compensation funds from Chandrangar to Papu Nallah tri-junction NH-415, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) on Sunday has served 15 days ultimatum to Superintendent of Police (SP) Special Investigation Cell (SIC) to take action and to initiate investigation against erring DC.

Addressing the media person at Arunachal Press Club on Sunday, AAPSU Convenor Tatung Taga said, for the construction of Chandranagar to Banderdewa 4-lane highway Government of India (GOI) released Rs.42, 64, 29, 377 out of which on demand of present DC Rs. 8.95 crores was handed over to Capital district administration by state government for disbursement of compensation to beneficiaries of beyond Right of Way (RoW) and within Right of Way (RoW)  but DC did not follow the RoW 30 meter and 40 meter in due course of disbursement of compensation which was also distributed on different occasion.

AAPSU alleged that DC made a disbursement of compensation in the name of agriculture, horticulture and forestry items but ironically some location does not have the said structure which can be consider as a beyond the RoW. DC prepared 681 beneficiaries list in the name of compensation assessment and disbursement was done but on the ground reality still structures are standing or partially damaged at various location, added AAPSU.

Even the compensation have been fully paid but the demolition of many structure have not been done.  All  these structure should have been evicted or dismantled and the space should have been used for creating avenue plantation and beautification or it may be used for other utility services of the public,  AAPSU said.

AAPSU appealed concern department to investigate the same and take appropriate action within 15 days.

Later on Tatung informed that AAPSU will not confine to the capital complex’s 4-lane highway issues but also would be carrying forward the entire Trans-Arunachal Highway (TAH) issues of the state as it is in the greater interest of the people of state which is directly attached with the economic condition of the people.

However AAPSU President Hawa Bagang inform that we want a good road in our state capital like of four lane road in other state but it is being observed that there have been lots of irregularities and mismanagement which need to exposed.

He also said that the construction agency T K Engineering Consortium Private Limited should continue to carry out its work smoothly and speed up its activities with more man and machine and appeal stake holders not to allow any to create obstruction in the process of the construction of the road as it is the need of the hour and one of the important need of the people of capital complex.

Meanwhile  Capital Deputy Commissioner Prince Dhawan in a release have clarified that  all compensation was assessed by earlier DC Sandeep Kumar Singh and the District Administration only disbursement part was done without any change.

The District administration had handed over the entire land strip demand by PWD Highways and they have not demanded any further land. All procurement of Itanagar Municipal Council (IMC) was done through GeM and open tender and with approval of Govt. This is the reason today you are able to see the IMC vehicles and cleanliness activities in  entire Itanagar Capital Complex.

Same allegations have been made by others also which shows that  someone is targeting personally with the same issues. The compensation was disbursed one year ago then why such issues are being raised now, he observed.

Moreover, the compensation was assessed by a Board of officers and it was approved by Govt at the time of previous DC.

When DA is doing so much work in Education then it’s better that student unions take note of those initiatives affecting students. DC added.


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