Arunachal: Constable on the beat is very important for a civilized society: Governor

Addressing the Conference of DGsP, IGsP and Heads of CPOs, Governor B D Misra said that Constable on the beat is very important for a civilized society



The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Brig. (Dr.) B. D. Mishra (Retd.) addressed the 25th Conference of the Director Generals of Police, Inspector Generals of Police and heads of Central Police Organisations of North Eastern States in the Darbar Hall, Raj Bhavan, Itanagar on 14th September 2018. Senior officers of Police and security organisations including Ministry of Home Affairs, Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing, National Investigating Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation, Assam Rifles and Border Security Force attended the conference.

Starting his address by underscoring that under Article 371(h) of the Constitution of India, the Governor is mandated a special responsibility with respect to law and order in Arunachal Pradesh and under the Article 159 of the Constitution of India, he has been sworn in the name of God that he will devote himself to the service and well being of the people of the State, the Governor has special responsibility and he is seriously carrying it out.

The Governor highlighted the importance of the constables, security scenario of North East Region, emerging security challenges and advised on ways to tackle the security challenges, while recalling the history of Police and Policing in India.

The Governor emphasized that the police has to be fair, prompt and determined, demonstrate fairness, promptness and determination and win the trust of people by transparency, honesty and accountability.

The Governor said that India had Police and policing system around 5000 years ago which find mention in Rig Veda and Atharva Veda and in Mauryan period around 332 BC. Policing system of the Kings around 57 BC are mentioned in famous Sanskrit play of Poet Kalidasa ‘Abhijnana Shakuntalam’. He further said that after the first war of Independence of 1857, the British Parliament passed Indian Council Act in 1861. Sir Robert Peel created a Colonial Police Force, which indulged in extra judicial behaviour, coercion and high handedness. Third Degree Methods and Gratification were the norms of the Colonial Police. Sir Robert Peel broke the backbone of our good indigenous Police concept, in the same way as Lord Thomas Babington Mecaulay broke the backbone of our Education System around 1835 AD.

The Governor said that in Police and Policing, the constable on the beat is very important for a civilized society. They keep it safe, secure and developing.

Highlighting the security scenario in the North Eastern Region, the Governor said that in our heterogeneous country with diversity in every field, the security scenario in the country will always differ from State to State and Region to Region. Referring to few instances, the Governor urged upon the security organisation to have good coordination between them. He warned that delayed action, no action or ‘Live and Let Live’ policy towards insurgents reportedly in some case are likely to erode the confidence of the people in security organisations.

Cautioning on vulnerability of boys, girls and women in the orphanages and shelters houses, the Governor advised them to take suo moto action and carry out proper checking. He also advised the DGsP to take due cognizance of the heinous crimes like rape and lynching and initiate appropriate remedial measures.

The Governor also spoke on the interstate issues and called upon the DGsP to convene regular meetings amongst the organisations and bring those issues to logical end.

While suggesting methods for strengthening the Police Forces from all angles to counter the emerging security challenges, the Governor stressed the need for transparent recruitment, effective training,  police reforms in equipment, weapon and Communication means, conducive political ambience and rank, command and control integration. He also suggested for synergy of effort amongst the security forces and promoting Good Police work.

Sharing his experience as Head of Black Cats, the Governor suggested for  remedial measures, to control insurgency in a democratic set up, which includes, good developmental policies and programmes, work opportunities and job creation, e.g. ‘Stand up’ policy, entrepreneurship development schemes, ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ oriented Political leadership, good intelligence, good policing, effective local administration, quick and fair justice, transparency and honesty in governance, good roads and good communication network, proper education and effective counter insurgency military operation.


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