Arunachal CM files defamation case against Samchung Flago



Consequent to the complaint filed with the National Commission for Women (NCW) by one (Mrs) Pema Samchung Flago on February 15, 2018 by naming few persons, including the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister and the subsequent dismissal of the complaint by NCW on 20th February 2018, the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) has taken strong cognizance of the malafide intentions of the complainant and her accomplices in irreversibly tarnishing the image and reputation of the Chief Minister, said in the press release issued by CMO.

To put the record straight, the alleged crime was purportedly committed in 2008, when the present Chief Minister was a simple citizen holding no office in the government. However, a complaint was lodged with the police in December 2015 – seven years later – when he had become a Cabinet Minister in the Arunachal Pradesh Government. The timing of filing the complaint is highly questionable as it must be noted that during that period of time dissidence within the ruling party government in Arunachal Pradesh was at its height and  Pema Khandu was one of the prominent leaders in the dissidence movement, added in press release.

During the early part of 2016, the complainant had approached the Hon’ble Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) praying for an order in her favour by initiating judicial action against the alleged ‘accused’. Going through the deliberations of the complainant’s counsel and documents submitted, the Hon’ble Court ultimately came to a decision that her allegations held no merit and therefore, refused to issue an order as prayed for and dismissed the case, mention in the press release.

After a silence of three years, the supposed ‘victim’ surfaces with the dead case of 2008 again in 2018, that too, without resorting to other remedial measures available to her (which should have been the procedure) but files a complaint with the National Commission for Women (NCW), said the press release.

The intentions of the complainant and a deep rooted conspiracy against the Hon’ble Chief Minister can be vouched from the fact that the entire process of submitting the complaint and its details were published and broadcast through the media in real-time. It can be confidently understood that the entire episode was stage-managed to propagate negative publicity of the Chief Minister to project him before the society in poor light when he would be hosting the  Prime Minister at Itanagar, CMO officials said the press release.

However, the apex national body for women too didn’t find any merit in the complaint and refused to intervene or override the decision of the CJM in the case. This decision of the NCW confirms the fallacy and fictitious nature of the allegations, devoid of any facts but enacted only to malign the character of the  Chief Minister, added in the press release.

There cannot be second thoughts to the fact that filing of the complaint with the Police in 2015 and approaching the NCW in 2018 for an incident that allegedly occurred in 2008, intentions of the complainant and her accomplices was to malign, tarnish and harm the reputation of Pema Khandu, who now holds the post of  Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, said the press release.

The CMO finds the entire case as legally liable for a defamation lawsuit against the so called complainant, not to gain any monetary or political mileage but to send a clear message to the complainant as well as her accomplices and anybody else lurking to indulge in similar acts of dirty politics that truth and justice always prevail. It may be informed that a Civil Lawsuit for Defamation has been filed against (Mrs) Pema Samchung Flago in the Court of Law that awaits decision in the coming days., added in the press release.


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