Arunachal CEO Kaling Tayeng seeks support of all stakeholders for free and fair elections

This time VVPAT is being used in the entire state


With the announcement of the Lok Sabha and Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections simultaneously  on 11th of April this year,  the state election department also gear up its activities in full swing.

The Chief Electoral Officer(CEO) of Arunachal Pradesh Kaling Tayeng appealed all the representatives of political parties and media persons present in a press conference to extend their cooperation and support to ensure free and fair election in the state.

Tayeng was addressing a press conference wherein the representative of various political party were also present. While underscoring the importance of media in disseminating information, Tayeng highlighted some of the important facets of electioneering processes and urged all the stakeholders to be vigilant and alert to thwart electoral malpractices by some contesting candidates, their supporters and also by some unscrupulous people.

He said that the election Commission of India (ECI) has directed to ensure strict compliance of its instructions and to take time bound action and various dos and don’t were elaborated.

Defacement of Govt. property: For this purpose, a Govt. premise would include any Govt. office and the campus wherein the office building is situated. All wall writing, posters/papers or defacement in any other form, cutout/hoardings, banners, flags etc. on Govt. property shall be removed within 24 hours from the announcement of elections.

Misuse of public space: All unauthorized political advertisement, in the form of wall writing/posters/papers of defacement in any form, cutout/hoardings, banners, flags etc. on public property and in public space like railway station, bus stands, airports, railway bridges, roadways, Govt. buses, electric/telephone poles, municipal/local bodies’ buildings etc shall be removed within 48 hours from the announcement of elections by the Commission. All unauthorized political advertisements displayed at private property and subject to local law and court’s directions, if any, shall be removed within 72 hours from the announcement of elections by the Commission.

Misuse of official vehicle: The ECI’s consolidated instructions provides that there shall be a total ban on use of official vehicle by any political party, candidate or any other person connected with election (except officials performing any election related official duty) for campaigning, electioneering or election related travel during elections (subject to certain exception mentioned therein).

ECI direction said that the cost of public exchequer for advertisement in newspapers and other media and the misuse of official mass media during the election period for partisan coverage of political news and publicity regarding achievements with a view to furthering the prospects of the party in power shall be scrupulously avoided. No advertisements shall be issued in electronic and print media highlighting the achievements of the Govt. at the cost of public exchequer.

No fresh work which has not started on ground be issued as Model Code of Conduct have already been enforced simultaneously with the announcement of the election. Tayeng said.

Flying squad, FST, video team, intensive checking for liquor/cash/contra banned drugs, flying squads of excise department to check illicit trafficking of drugs/narcotics to be immediately activated after announcement.

No ministers shall not combine their official visit with electioneering work and shall not also make use of official machinery or personnel during the electioneering work , nether they will be allowed to use the government transport including official air-crafts, vehicles, machinery and personnel on the government exchequers, while there shall be no transfer and posting of officers/officials who are connected with the election duty.

This time VVPAT is being used in the entire state . Earlier Likhabali and Pakke kessang where it was used during the by- elections in 2007.

New It applications like C-vigil, wherein voters can download app from Google play store and upload complaints with photographs or videos. Action will be completed in 100 minutes this would be possible subject to availability to network and data service in the area or complaint may be issued to police, magistrate and observer and officer on election duty.

Static cameras are being placed in all the critical polling stations.

He inform that Strict actions will be taken against government officials if formal complaints of breach of conduct rules are received against them.

Tayeng further said that the beauty of the country is that people elect the government through election and urge upon all to take part in the election for a strong and vibrant government for the people, of the people and by the people. Tayeng added.


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