Arunachal: ‘Cadence’ a premier of based on tale of Tai Khamti Mutiny of 1839

NAMSAI-   Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein on Sunday participated in the event named ‘Cadence’-a premier of the talents that is to be featured in the upcoming play, “Chowpha-Plang-Lu: The Sadiya Gohain”, a tale of Tai Khamti Mutiny of 1839 which is in part of the celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and to give recognition to the Unsung heroes from Arunachal which is directed by Riken Ngomle, the Assistant professor (acting) of the prestigious National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi.

Mein said that  the Cadence is a get-together of different artists from across the country in collaboration with Tai Khamti Heritage and Literature Society to get a better understanding of the myriad of cultures gathered and incorporate the same into the play.

Mein added that he is proud of his culture and like him everyone should take pride of their culture and tradition and come together for its preservation, promotion and propagation.

Mein said our youths lack no talents and government will leave no stone unturned to recognise their talents and will create better platforms to showcase their talents across country and globally.

He lauded the effort and showered his praises on Ngomle and his team for their dedication in bringing the stories of the unsung heroes from Arunachal Pradesh in the theatrical form amongst the masses. He assured his support to the team.

He informed that NSD is working on three plays on the unsung heroes of Arunachal Pradesh viz the Anglo Abor war, The Anglo Khamti war and the Ninu Massacre. Of which the play on Anglo Abor war was premiered at Dambuk on August 13 to 15 which garnered lots of appreciation from all corners. The next premier of the Anglo Khamti war of 1839 will be showcased in Namsai on August 30.


Music being a big part of the Tai Khamti culture and the play, the event provided a platform to showcase various instruments and vocals coming together in a musical mélange.

The Cadence was also an attempt to open a cross-culture dialogue of various other art forms like paintings, dance forms and costumes etc. to see what each can contribute to the other culture and in that way enhance the play to its utmost potential.

The evening showcased Ballroom Dance Choreographed by Vikram Mohan, Musical performance by Tai Khamti Heritage & Literature Society, Artwork showcase of Jene Hai, , Live Painting Showcase by Jagannath Seth and enthralling Musical Mélange.


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