Arunachal: Banana Leaves can dent the plastic crisis

Manzil tak pahunchne ke raaste kam naheen, bas ek nazar uthakar aur ek qadam badha kar to dekho yaaro…..? 


Looking at the contents of the average grocery cart, it is no surprise that the World Economic Forum warns that there will be more plastic than fish by weight in oceans by 2050. From coffee bags to cheese wrappers, food and beverage packaging is a major contributor to plastic pollution. Scientists warn that the proliferation of plastics in the environment is creating a variety of health and ecological problems. Some companies are starting to recognise the need to act. Some smaller food and beverage companies already have paved the way for sustainable packaging—–from Arunachal24 research team


By Denhang Bosai, Dy Director, IPR,  Arunachal Pradesh

I don’t know about other states but the people of Arunachal can make their beautiful state plastic-free by using wild banana leaves and other leaves of both wild or domesticated plants which are available in plenty.

For centuries our forefathers didn’t know anything about plastic. Only in the late 60s they came in contact with this enemy of the Mother Earth. Thankfully, Mother Nature has been gracious and merciful to bestow upon the tribals many bountiful gifts absolutely free of cost. The people may be given a training to use these leaves properly and in a sustainable manner. The plastic glasses can be replaced by bamboo tubes which are abundantly available.

If the people are keen and willing then the plastic which is harmful for health and environment can be easily replaced. For this to happen massive awareness campaigns may be carried out and CBOs, NGOs, SHGs can be given the necesssry training and expertise to use the leaves gainfully. This use of leaves and bamboo tubes can create self-employement opportunities for the youths living  in the rural and urban areas.

However, the biggest paradox is that most of the commodities sold in the market are packed in plastic. How to address this issue is again a Herculean task.  Interestingly, as of now, only plastic-carry bags, bottles and glasses are banned in some states and not the commodities packed in plastic.

Essentially, alternative to plastic must be identified first before imposing a blanket ban on use of plastic. I re-itetate that Arunachal can go plastic-free if the wild leaves are gainfully utilized and of course, if the people have the will to do.




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