Arunachal: APCC demands re-polling in 30-Raibalo PS

APCC president Takam Sanjoy  demanded  for re-poll at 30-Raibalo and appeal for posting of neutral presiding/polling officer.



Arunachal Pradesh congress committee (APCC) demanded for re-polling at 30 Raibalo Polling station under 18 Palin Assembly constituency of Kra Daadi district and appealed to the Election Commission  for posting of neutral presiding officers for conducting of free and fair re- polling in various polling station of 18 assembly constituency which will go to poll on April 27.

APCC President Takam Sanjoy said that the Indian National Congress have reiterated for re-poll in 30 Raibalo polling station of 18 Palin assembly constituency under Kra Daadi district as the election agent of candidate of INC Tarh Johny have already lodge a complaint to election management authority that entire polling process was done by few persons and the polling agent was tortured.

He alleged that it is understood that the magistrate on duty was drunk under the influence of alcohol and was sleeping during the election process. He said while briefing the media at Nirvachan Bhawan campus today afternoon.

Sanjoy alleged that as per report of Returning officer on the said polling station the video camera returned from the polling station have no footage, during the scrutiny the INC candidate reiterated his demand for re-poll. He said.

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Sanjoy also alleged that ” As per report of Returning officer on the basis of Presiding officer dairy  it is reported that only 35-40 people voted for all the voted polled. There is difference in voting for parliamentary constituency and assembly constituency. Total 563 votes were recorded in the EVM of parliamentary constituency while 546 votes were recorded in the EVM of assembly constituency as per presiding officer dairy and there is no any explanation given by the presiding officer for the difference in vote polled for assembly constituency and parliamentary constituency which was identified by Returning officer and allege it as a serious matter of violation of election procedure in 30 Raibalo polling station.

Sanjoy informed that the same case of differences of vote was found in 18/4 Sangram polling station  where re-poll have been announced without specifying any reason.

Meanwhile, sanjoy  lead a delegation of APCC to Chief election officer and urge upon him to recommend and forward the case for re -polling at 30 Raibalo polling station to ensure real spirit of democracy and restore the faith of general public in the constituency and impartiality of election commission.

Sanjoy inform  that he have submitted another representation for appointment of neutral Presiding officer and polling officers for a free and fair re-poling in the polling stations announced by election commission which will go to re-poll on April 27.

He said that there is every apprehension that the presiding officer and polling officer presently posted in the re-poll bound polling station in Kurung Kumey and Kra Daadi district to be held on April 27 may misuse their official position for the party in power and may create further law and order problem. We urge upon the CEO to appoint presiding officer and polling officer from other district who are neutral and non acquainted with local political situation and who should not be local resident to these two district for a free and fair and peaceful election. Sanjoy added.


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