Arunachal: Adi Welfare Society gets new registration on nomenclature of All Adi Welfare Society

PASIGHAT ( By Maksam Tayeng )  The Adi Welfare Society (AWS) which has been in news and on limelight for their zeal and dedication to work for the welfare of Adi community of the state besides other societies living closely with the Adis, has got its nomenclature changed from Adi Welfare Society to All Adi Welfare Society by adding ‘All’ in front of the Adi Welfare Society.


In view of the new registration of the changed nomenclature of All Adi Welfare Society vide Regn. No. SR/ITA/7387, Obuk Dupak, President, All Adi Gam Welfare Association and Takut Gao, Secretary, All Adi Gam Welfare Association along with other GBs today dedicated the new registration certificate of AAWS. The dedication programme was held at Siang Guest House today amidst the presence of executive members of AAWS and GBs.

While speaking on the sideline of the dedication programme, AAWS President, Dr. Takeng Taggu and Women Wing President, Yane Dai said that several hurdles were put along the ways of the registration of AAWS by other Adi organizations. “Despite the objection and complaint lodged by ABK demanding not to register our society, we could finally get a new registration certificate by adding a ‘All’ before the Adi Welfare Society. However, we are thankful to the ABK for their complaint which rather helped us get a better and wider nomenclature whose sole objective is to serve and work for the welfare of the Adis”, added Dr. Taggu and Yane Dai.

On the part of GBs, they appealed to the AAWS to help them in getting over certain issues that put hurdles in front of the GBs functionaries and capacities of working. The GBs appealed the AAWS to move the government in empowering the GBs to hear/tackle the cases of Rape, Murder etc at the lines of regular court. On the part of AAWS, they assured the GBs to help them by taking up their concern before the state government.


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