Arunachal: 15 gamblers arrested , recovered gambling materials  

Capital police arrested 15 gamblers in APGPA-2012 and recovered gambling materials.



The Capital Police in its movement against the gamblers and gambling in the capital complex have increased its activities and so far 4 cases have been registered in various Police Stations and arrested 15 persona in APGPA-2012.

The capital police has conducted raids at numerous locations and recovered lot of gambling material on Monday evening. Raids were conducted in ESS sector, Abotani colony, Chimpu, Naharlagun helipad area, P sector Nirjuli among other places.

In the last four days, capital police has registered 4 FIRs and arrested nearly 15 persons under Arunachal Pradesh Gambling Prohibition Act 2012.

Arunachal: 15 gamblers arrested , recovered gambling materials  

It is learnt that SP Capital M Harsha Vardhan  has instructed all OCs to personally conduct raids at sensitive locations. Patrolling vehicles are also alert and conducting raids, though at most locations the persons involved in gambling are fleeing the place leaving behind the gambling material as the police approaches.

SP Capital has warned that Diwali should not be used as an excuse to indulge in gambling which is illegal. He said plain clothes teams will also be deployed to nab those involved in gambling, mainly in the form of playing dice.


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  1. It is very difficult way to express my view cause it’s all blaming on patrolling party like IRBn jawans whenever I see IRBn patrolling party jawans they are taking money from gambling owners in shake off as patrolling police please do not do this cause we all respect the law and the jawans.

  2. It’s very good to see our kanoon are doing there work greatly but I think it’s not necessary to click photo and showing those poor people like in front. Though they are against law but they are doing it for there family and for their children. And it would be also very great if our government solve those left 5 to 10 yrs cases in our state like our respected pinch sirs case

  3. it is a small gamblers sir, the real gamblers are e-changer . promote gambling hiddenly under network paths .they are capable to convert black money to white in indian banks. they have a lot experiences and support with banks clerk are not issuing his/her transfer data to police officer. clerks only seeing his/her bank to bank transfer and it is approved bank policies . but mysteries hidden his/her transfer between distance.

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