Anna Hazare not given state guest status is an insult to us- Social Workers


Social activist Anna Hazare have not given statues of state guest inspite of several written request and appeal to the Protocol department and chief Secretary said social workers of state today in a media briefing.


Paye Gyadi said that it is a humiliation to ourselves that one of the Gandhian and a social reformer who have been fighting for the reformation and to root out corruption from country have not been given status of state guest. Anna is not expecting for that but it was we who should give them a respect and regard which he deserve.

Paye Gyadi said  that due to technical reason the flight at Lilabari was cancelled today and Anna ji have to stay one more day. He was brought to Naharlagun to have  accommodation at state guest house which was denied and felt to understand the state of affairs of the state government.

Paye Gyadi said he have been brought to Hotel Todo in Itanagar for halting the night and tomorrow the state government need to arrange helicopter to ferry him to Guwahati and then he  will go to Patna to attend a public meeting. His movement is against the corruption and not against any political party.

Arunachal Law students Union President Romik Jogu said that it is a great concern for the people of Arunachal Pradesh that the legendry social movement leader Anna Hazare have not been given the respect and regard by the state government and he was not given the due treatment and condemn the act of the state government.

The visit of Anna in Arunachal was to make awareness on Lok Pal and Lokayukta and initiative of RTI Act. Annaji is like a father and if father is not given due treatment we feel that we have been ill treatment Romik added.

Social activist S.D Lodha said that We have written several letters for providing him state guest, allotment of state guest house, IG park, Ashoka Hotel but all have been denied.

 If the social reformer and leader like Anna Hazare is not given well treatment then how come we can welcome the foreigners where the nation and BJP government says “atithi devo bhava’ whereas Annaji was ill treated, Lodha added


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