Who will remove the curtain from the vehicle ?



In a special drive within a week the Capital police have been able to remove tinted glass from more than four hundred vehicles including of law makers and all irrespective of post and position. But the one question is remain, Who will remove the curtain from the vehicle ?

In Arunachal Pradesh a new trend have been increasing and the many vehicles have been using curtain in their vehicle, It is really matter of discussion weather it is allowed in vehicles, if not why Police and traffic enforcing agency are not removing the curtain from vehicles of high profile vehicle owners of state. The same curtain have been seen in police and para-military vehicle and others and they feel pride to have a curtain for what purpose reason best known to them only.

However the capital police though doing its best effort in regulating of the traffic rules and mandatory documents of the vehicle and few other dos and donts and continued their drive.

It is also appreciable that the order of Supreme Court of India after the famous Damini incident the capital police have been trying to remove the tinted glass from all types of vehicle.


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