VIRAL VIDEO- Dead Man alive on funeral pyre in Delhi

The video of this shocking but true incident went viral in social media

VIRAL VIDEO- People in Delhi’s Narela area were shocked when a dead man comes alive at funeral pyre, just before the last rites. Not only that, the dead man also opened his eyes. All this happened when crematory proceedings were just about to begin.


According to source, a 62-year-old man, Satish Bhardwaj, of  Tikri Khurd village of Narela, died on Sunday morning. His family members have made such a claim. After his death, the family members  took him to the crematorium for the last rites. As soon as the shroud was removed from his dead body to give fire to the deceased, the senses of the people were blown away. The elders suddenly became alive on the  funeral pyre and started breathing. Not only this, he also opened his eyes. People were shocked by the bizarre incident that occurred.

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According to the information given by the family members, the elderly are suffering from cancer and they were being treated in the hospital for a long time. He was put on ventilator in the hospital but as soon as he was removed from the ventilator, his breathing stopped. The family thought that he had died, after which he was brought home and taken to the cremation ground for the last rites, but when he started taking him on the pyre and the shroud was removed from his face, he was found breathing. Even the old man opened his eyes, after which the police and ambulance were called immediately.

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Regarding this shocking case, Delhi Police sources said that “the elderly were alive, the family members had discharged the elderly without medical advice from the hospital where he was admitted. Since the cost of the ventilator was high, the family took him home from the hospital.

After being removed from the ventilator, his breathing stopped, after which around 11 in the morning the family members thought that he had died and they took him for the last rites and reached the crematorium.

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It was told by the Delhi Police that the investigation of the matter is going on and initially the negligence of the hospital has not come to the fore.


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