RIWATCH should become a centre of learning, research and cultural heritage for Arunachal Pradesh, says Chowna Mein

ROING-  “Research Institute of World’s Ancient Traditions Cultures & Heritage (RIWATCH) should become a centre of learning, research and cultural heritage for the State of Arunachal Pradesh”, said Deputy Chief Minister, Chowna Mein while inaugurating a library of the Institute here today.

He said that documentation of rich cultures and traditions of various indigenous tribes of the State need to be done properly and preserve in digital form. He lauded the initiatives of RIWATCH Documentation Centre and urged the Institute to document more traditional cultures and healing practices of various ethnic groups of the State.

He said that Indigenous cultures also get preference in United Nation’s Organization for its preservation and promotion and accordingly, the State Govt is also giving emphasize in its preservation and promotion and created the Department of Indigenous Affairs. He said that there is a silent revolution on indigenous cultures and traditions in the State.

He also said that there has to be handloom centres in every district to promote the textiles product of the State. He cited that the visitors from the outside often look for such handloom centre and products to buy souvenirs on their return journey but due to lack of such centres, they are unable to buy genuine products. He said to take up this matter in the coming budget.

He reiterated that the research and development wing need to be strengthened and the young scientists under agriculture and allied sectors need to be engaged fully.

He also said that a lot of research works need to be done in medicinal plants available in the State and RIWATCH can also extend their expertise in this field. He also called upon the departments to promote Self-Help Groups and to carry out proper soil survey before selecting crops for particular area.

He asked the Institute to send an innovative scheme under District Innovation Fund to be taken up in the coming financial year.

He lauded the Executive Director RIWATCH, Vijay Swami for his dedication and for rendering voluntary service to the people of the State. He also praised Padmashree Awardee Sathyanarayanan Mundayoor for starting Children’s Library at Lohit District as early as in the year 2007 which become a movement across the State in inculcating reading habits to the students.

Mein also laid the foundation stone for the 2nd Block of Museum in RIWATCH and released a book, ‘Aasahi – Idu Azobra Level-1’ published by Idu-Mishmi Cultural Literary Society.

Minister of Education, Culture & Indigenous Affairs, Taba Tedir said that the State of Arunachal Pradesh is the first State to create the Department of Indigenous Affairs which shows the seriousness of the State Govt in preservation and promotion of the rich indigenous cultures and heritage.

He said that enough initiatives and provisions had been made in the last State budget on preservation and promotion of indigenous cultures and traditions.  Honorarium to the Priest and Budget provision of Rs 5 crore for the celebration of indigenous festivals were some of the initiatives, he added.

He also informed that local dialect as the third language in pre-primary school will be introduced from this year onward. This year Nyishi dialect will be introduced and taught in Nyishi inhabited areas and likewise Galo, Rangfra and all other local dialects will be introduced in the subsequent years as and when their scripts are ready.

He also lauded RIWATCH for its initiatives in the field of preservation and promotion of rich culture and heritage. Lauding Padmashree awardee, Sri Sathyanarayanan for his initiative on library, he requested him to carry forward his library movement to other parts of the State too.

Commissioner (Plannning & Investment), Prashant Lokhande, Chairman RIWATCH, Joram Begi, Executive Director RIWATCH, Vijay Swami and Padmashree Awardee cum Advisor RIWATCH, Sathyanarayanan Mundayoor also spoke on the occasion.

Among others, Mukut Mithi, Former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh and Former Lt Governor of Puducherry, Gum Tayeng, MLA Dambuk, Mutchu Mithi, MLA Roing, ZPC Obang Ngupok, DC Roing, KN Damo, SP Roing, James K Lego, Director of Indigenous Affairs, Tai Taguk and HoDs were also present.


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