Itanagar: woman escaped leaving her 4-year-old child

A woman escaped leaving her 4-year-old child, now the child is in Shishu Bhawan, —–Read the full story 


A four years old  girl child was brought to the Women Police Station, Itanagar  by two ladies from Division IV today .

As per the ladies who brought the child informed that yesterday i. e 1/10/19 around 11  PM while they were returning back in the Sumo to their house from Chimpu showed one lady standing on the roadside at Ganga holding one child waving hand for lift and when they stopped, she was asking help and requested them to provide shelter for a night. The lady even asked  money to feed the baby and told them that she came from Bihupiria ,Lakhimpur, Assam .

On humanitarian ground they took her to their house and gave her shelter and food. Today at around 9 am, that lady told them that her mother is critically ill and going Hospital and told them she will back and gave her mobile no.

When she didn’t return back, they called her ,  but her mobile  was switch off so they came to police station and handedover the child to the WPS.

On getting information from the WPS, Chairperson Child Welfare Committee, Itanagar Capital Complex went to Women  Police Station, Itanagar and took the custody of the child and place her in the Sishu Bhawan, Naharalagun.

Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee thanks the two ladies who safely brought the child to WPS and requesting the public to help in tracing the mother or relative of the child who are presently safe custody of the CWC, ICC



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