Journalist Assault Case: DWS appeals for fast investigation

Itanagar-   Refuting to the counter FIR lodged by the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of SMS smelting factory, Lekhi accusing Journalist of trespassing into the factory’s compound, Dada Welfare Society (DWS) has demanded capital police for fast investigation and filing of charge sheet against persons who assault journalists on duty.


Addressing the media person at Arunachal Press Club, Bruce Jilee Dada, Lieutenant Colonel ( Rtd ) who is the advisor of DSW, said that ”  in CCTV footage it is clearly visible that the victim Hofe Dada (Journalist) nowhere  trespassed into the factory’s compound. When people forcibly enter into the other’s jurisdiction with intention to attack is called trespassing”, he condemns the statement.

Stating to ensure that such an incident does not happen with any  journalists in future Police must punished  to those involved, Dada also appealed to the denizens of the state to change their mindset against their contribution and role in the society.

Appealing capital police to investigate the matter thoroughly to award exemplary punishment, Legal advisor DWS Youth Wing, Tang Dada, said if anything untoward incident happens with the young journalist, then the accused have to take the responsibility for causing mental harassment.

The journalist are working in field and they should be given security in such a case they are doing their duty to discriminate information to the masses and for  those who are voiceless and for all to raise voice in the interest of public services. The DWS added.


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