Itanagar: Survey works and marking for widening of Chimpu-Richi and Papunallah-Pagatara road underway

ITANAGAR:  The survey works and marking for widening of road from Chimpu to Richi village measuring 2 Kilometer and Papunallah-Pagatara upto Jail measuring around 2 Kilometer is underway. Inform, Additional District Magistrate and Chief Estate Officer Talo Potom.


Potom inform that I, accompanied by administrative officers and panchayat leaders of the area have visited and inspected few stretch of road from Chimpu to Richi village today. We are carrying survey for the widening of Papu-Jully-Chimpu bypass road which is necessary. He said.

The state government is planning to widen this particular stretch of road and convert it into a highway. “In Chimpu area it used to be a village road. But now it will be enhanced like of four lane highway.

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During the survey for the same, locals said they will not give land, unless they are paid compensation. This is very sad. I appeal to public and local leaders to give more importance to roads than compensation,” said Potom.

Further he said the survey will continue in the Jully area from Papunallah side upto Jail on Thursday.

“ROW is 24 metre in Jully area.  Some people have offered to voluntarily dismantle the structure which is a good sign.

Hope better sense prevails and people support the highway project as everyone know that in case of any problem arise or in case of construction of the NH-415 in Itanagar city the Chimpu-Jully-Papunallah road play a vital role in providing an alternate route for the commuters,” he said.


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