Itanagar: Restoration work of water supply on war footing-Tadar Mangku

officers,  technician, and workers are working round the clock to complete restoration work of water supply system- Tadar Mangku.


The restoration work of drinking water supply in twin capital city is on war footing,  said Itanagar PHED Executive Engineer Tadar Mangku.


Mangku said that the officers, technician, fitters, linemen and workers of the department are working round the clock to complete restoration work of the water supply system in the twin capital city,  but due to darkness in night hours and tough terrain the work could not be materialised at the earliest.

However the major water supply system through Poma Water treatment plant and Senki View Water treatment plant supply line have been fully restored and we have been able to provide safe drinking water to several sectors and colony of the township of Itanagar and few parts of Naharlaugn area from today.

Mangku said that restoration work at 150 mm and 100 mm dia of Lapu Nallah as standby for senki view and division IV, senki park, CRPF camp, Botanical garden area in Itanagar is still to be restored but they will received the water in low quantity.

The work at Lepar Nallah, pot  nallah, toper nallah, lapu nallah and Papu nallah in Daria hills and adjoining area is also affected and not restored and area around Waii International hotel, Daria hills and its periphery will be affected and will take some time for restoration. The supply to Papu nallah area will also affected by this source.

The water supply line from Jamijate has been badly affected and will take long time, but the line from Nyorch have been restored and we have established a filling point at Tarajuli from where the refilling for the water tankers are being started for emergency services for Naharlagun area.

He however appeal the people of capital complex to have patience and cooperate the department in its restoration works. He further hope that the restoration work is done without any obstruction by weather and others. Mangku added.


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