Itanagar: Vivek Vihar approach road turned into a dustbin, alleged APCC Labour Cell

ITANAGAR-  The Vivek Vihar approach road in the heart of capital city here has turned into a dustbin while the road has totally collapsed posing serious threat to commuters, alleged APCC labour cell chairman Yangbiu Takik.

The state Govt has very often been claiming road connectivity to be its top priority and Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan its pet campaign. Is the spot not mocking at all these claims and amounting to take the capital dwellers for a ride by the state Govt, Takik question?


Takik  urged the planning department and PWD chief engineer (Western Zone) to inclide the works in this accounting year to renovate the road while the Itanagar Municipal Corporation should clean the area so that any visitor to the state does not go back with wrong impression of the state. Moreover, repairing the road would prevent scope for accidents.

When the BJP party is ruling in the centre as well as in the state, the situation instead of improving why is decreasing day by day; it is shocking that if the funds are being released by the centre why works are not visible on the ground, question raised by Takik ?


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