Itanagar: Restoration work of Ganga-Jully road in full swing

ITANAGAR-  The restoration work on the Ganga-Jully section of the Itanagar to Papu Nallah via Jully bypass road is in full swing. The road was washed away last monsoon at two stretches. The restoration work is being undertaken by the PWD CD-B.


 A culvert and MSE wall (GI Gabion Wall) is being constructed as part of the restoration. However the construction of the RCC side drain is yet to start.

Major part of Gabion Wall has been completed and construction of RCC drain work started. Further the geometric improvement (Formation Level) has started,” shared an official of the PWD.

We are working hard to complete the restoration work at the earliest in the interest of the citizens of the capital complex,” the official added.


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