Itanagar- Police acting against vehicle without number plate



By Manoj Singh 

The Itanagar capital police have started it next traffic rule to the vehicle without number plate which have been doing in the interest of public service and prevailing of rule of law.

It have been seen on many occasion that such vehicle checking and traffic checking were done under the guidance of rank of Havaldar/ASI/SI and Inspector but now a days and for quite sometime it have been observed the administration have tied their hands and SDPO Itanagar Hanyir Techi and city police captain Dr. A Kona remain himself present all the time.

These police officer not only guide the police as well traffic police personnel but also discuss the traffic related issue with the commuters and advise them to maintain traffic rule and scenes of belongingness and let the rule of law prevail for safety and security of one and all.

SP, Capital Dr. A Koan said that many commuters do not use number plate inspite of their vehicle got registered or un registered is a very danger as they may give risk to other people of the society. In some case the vehicle without number are involved in crime but could not locate due to absence for number plate in the vehicle. They are liable to face action first in fine will be imposed and legally if repeated again.

When asked about number plate of different colour and size on different types of plates SP said they are also concern about, it have been reported that some one also use number plate of different colour and size on different metal and they are liable to face legal action soon and warned all those to avoid and use official number plates as prescribed by department of Transport and administration. He also informed that so far 961 vehicle without number plate were fined and legal action are being initiated to all those who do not obey the rule of law Koa added

SDPO Techi Hanyir said that we are not against anyone but the rule of law need to be maintained at any cost, she even appeal all the educated youth of capital complex to cooperate the city police in maintaining traffic law abiding citizen. Rule are for safety and security and many cases have been committed by such vehicle which have no number plate and registration so we will no spear anyone from it and appeal one and all to use number plate and registration and keep their document in the vehicle to show to police during such checking.


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