Itanagar: Do not abandoned your vehicle on roadside-Traffic police

ABANDONED vehicles are not only an eyesore but also cause much inconvenience to the public- Itanagar Traffic Police. 



Do not abandoned your vehicle on roadside without attending for days together which may create doubt for others.

A Fiat car abandoned for day together lying unattended by its owner on NH-415 near pahalwan turning between Itanagar-Naharlagun today removed from the roadside by the Itanagar traffic Police.

Itanagar Traffic Head constable G S Baruah said that the commuters have made complain with the traffic police that the said vehicle have been parked for last two weeks and is not attended by its owner.

On receiving this  type of complaint the traffic police have to do its duty and need to be removed as per order, Baruah added.

He while appealing the vehicle owner not to do that, which may attract other to doubt as why it is parked on the roadside for days together which may also create disturbance in free flow of traffic movement too.


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