Itanagar: Din-Din Club’s first meeting held 

The club is aptly called The Din-Din Club which means, a circle in the local dialect of the Singpho Tribe,

ITANAGAR-  A recently formed literary club met for season’s very first monthly meeting on the 10th of Jan 2021. The club is aptly called The Din-Din Club which means, a circle in the local dialect of the Singpho Tribe, which implies the warmth and conversation around the fireplace. This group was formed to encourage the upcoming poets, writers and people with artistic bent of mind to come forth and shine and like everything else hope to evolve with every meeting. The venue for the meet was Eleazor English School Premises in C Sector, AIR Colony Itanagar, with the kind collaboration of Mrs J Riba.


Ponung Ering Angu, one of the founder members with her meticulous and able guidance, never failing with her infectious enthusiasm conducted successfully the third meeting of the group by inviting Dr. Yumlam Tana, a renowned literary figure and published author. Dr Tana has two books to his credit and his poems have appeared in several anthologies at both national and international level.

After a brief introduction round as many new members had joined, Dr Tana addressed the gathering and shared his insights. He urged that more young poets and writers should come and join the group where one might find the right platform to share and express their work with wider audience which will showcase their potential thereby making a way for recognition going forth.

This was followed by an engrossing poetry reading session. Young and budding talents like Mr. Andinga Tacho and Ms.Oyin Komboh recited their self composed poems. The earnestness in the poem like “Nauriya” based on Idu death ritual seems to have left an impression and enamoured everyone. Other members read out their favorite poems and Angu Madam read one written by herself making for a somber atmosphere.

That is the magic of words, touching the soul, taking people through places and journeys otherwise not possible, through their poetries and prose alike. Dr Yumlam Tana read out a couple of his poems, where “A dirge from North East” definitely struck a chord with all present.

The beautiful yet slightly chilly evening came to an end, painting a beautiful picture symbolic of the club name, Din-Din, sitting in a circle sans the fire in the centre. But it was certain that the fire of inspiration and warmth of company burned all along which every member was sure to carry home, sitting in that circle waiting to widen its circumference evermore.


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