Itanagar: Congress demand cancellation of land allotment in IG Park

Arunachal Pradesh Congress committee president Takam Sanjoy demanded cancellation of land allotment in IG Park area of Itanagar . 



Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) today allege several allegation on the ruling state government and the ruling BJP party of doing against the interest of people of state.

Addressing reporters at Rajiv Bhawan APCC President Takam Sanjoy said that the ruling government is going against the interest of the people as the Land revenue Policy amended recently is not in the interest of the people of the state, the rate of the revenue like a burden for normal people and is like a looting the people in the name of land revenue.

Stating that the Arunachal Pradesh (Land Settlement and Records) (Amendment) Act 2018 which was passed by the state Assembly would have a detrimental effect on the people of the state, Sanjoy made it clear that the Congress completely rejects and opposes the new rates.

The Congress further criticised the state government for enhancing the rate of land revenue from existing Rs 1 to Rs 600 per square meter for normal land and from Rs 2 to Rs 800 for commercial land.

Sanjoy said that the IG Park is the only place for recreation and getting fresh air in the capital city which have encroached upon from all side previously and after construction of several infrastructure the land have been reduced.

It have come to know that the ruling BJP party is going to construct its office at the Tennis court area which is a blunder that they are going to do, said Sanjoy.

Sanjoy demanded immediately  cancellation of the allotment if process for the any such purpose as the said place was earlier a place for playing Tennis where former Chief Minister also played and later stage there were Karate club and Itanagar club which is public place.

He also alleged that embezzlement of huge amount of public fund in the name of paying compensation for construction of Trans Arunachal Highway (TAH) have been surfaced and demanded instituting an enquiry by a retired High Court judge.

The state deputy Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein, while reacting to the allegations made by the Congress on TAH, said that he had initiated a meeting with five MLAs of the affected districts last year along with the respective deputy commissioners, and fixed the compensation amount at 198 crore for the Potin-Yazali-Ziro-Raga-Panging stretch of the TAH, which was high earlier and accordingly the Centre sanctioned the amount.

“Distribution of compensation to the affected land owners is with the land management department and the concerned district administrations. My department has nothing to do with it,” Mein said.

On the allegations of misuse of compensation fund, the deputy chief minister informed that the government had already constituted a committee to find out the anomalies in paying compensation and is waiting for the final report.

“Once the report is available, the government will take action accordingly,” he added.

On the occasion several youth leaders and former APYC leaders joined the party. (with input PTI)


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