Itanagar : Clock tower is telling the story of careless administration




This clock tower situated at Ganga Market in Itanagar is telling the story of the careless administration over the past several months.

This clock of the tower is not showing the time since several month, because it is out of order,  and telling the story of carelessness of administration because, because the administration is not taking any step to repair it.

The local people of Itanagar in general and Ganga Market in particular appeal the capital district administration to repair the clock tower as the clock do not rotate and the time in clock remain same.

One shopkeeper said that earlier  it was repaired several time  by the then ADM Talo Potom, whenever it becomes out of order.  But now  quite some time no one there to take care of the alone clock tower in the state capital.

One local lady while said while going to my office I use to watch the clock tower daily but capital district administration  and Municipality who are helm of these affairs should maintain at least these asset which reflect the face of Itanagar the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh.


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