Itanagar Capital Police launches Roadside Pathshala, a traffic awareness campaign

ITANAGAR-    With Motives to reduce road accident by creating awareness on traffic rules, the Capital Police has launched and started a Roadside Pathshala a traffic awareness campaign to educate the commuters and driver on road safety and traffic law.


Speaking on the occasion Capital Complex, DC Komkar Dulom said that ” capital police has bring out this noble idea of Roadside Pathsala (class room) to create awareness public about traffic rules and regulations and safety measures”.

Speaking about the traffic jam in capital region , DC said that in comparison to other hilly state, there is enough widen in Capital road but due to wrong parking and not following traffic rules by few persons all public has compiled to face traffic problem.

So he quested everyone including the commuters, drivers and pedestrian to maintain safety measures include obey traffic rule to avoid traffic jam and remain safe and secure from motor accident. .

City SP Jimmy Chiram, who have come out with this idea under the Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan informed the public who were found violating the traffic rules were taught and sensitized about the importance of Traffic Safety norms which includes wearing of helmets for both the pillion riders including other basic and important measures of Traffic rules.

The SP also informed that this Road side Pathsala will take place in important locations within the capital complex every day from 9 am to 11 AM and accordingly traffic violators will be called and the police will be informing them about the traffic safety norms without taking any penalty.

However very soon, the penalty will be imposed and activated and legal action will also be taken those who intentionally violating the traffic law to give problems to others and also risk the life others and themselves and the pillion rider and co-passengers. He added.

IGP Law & Order Chukhu Apa, SDPO Itanagar Kamdam Sikom and many other officers also was the part of the event and they were witnessed educating the road users creating and making them aware the public on road Safety.

According to the data from 2016- 2020, six hundred thirty four persons were killed in Road accident and 1597 were injured in the state.

Taking the data from the Itanagar Capital Region, 77 persons were killed and 194 injured since 2016 to 2020.

And today around 145 traffic violators were caught near Hotel Todo in Itanagar by the Capital Police wherein a “Road Side Pathsala” on Traffic Awareness was initiated and conducted by the City Police.

It is to mention that the scale and gravity of the problem in road safety need to be understand by everyone, there is need for the society at large to take cognizance of the issue and to join hands to make road safety a social movement.

The  ‘Road Side Pathsalas’ will bring awareness among public regarding traffic rules & regulations , consequence and costs of road accidents and public behavior towards traffic signs & symbols. The commuters said.


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