Itanagar: Book and souvenir released to mark the culmination of Dree festival by CCDFC 2023

The event marked the release of two remarkable works, each shedding light on the vibrant Apatani culture.

ITANAGAR-   The Capital Complex Dree Festival Committee 2023 (CCDFC 2023) concluded the Dree festival celebration at Waii International Hotel on 29 July. The event marked the release of two remarkable works, each shedding light on the vibrant Apatani culture.
The valedictory programme witnessed the unveiling of the “Cherishing the Living Tanw Culture” souvenir magazine, capturing the essence of the festival’s traditions and festivities. Smt. Narang Tani Nagung, Smt. Tage Tado Anya and Smt Tage Habung Napi, the Advisors to the CCDFC 2023 did the honour of releasing the Dree 2023 Souvenir and the Book.
What set this year’s edition apart was the strategic decision to postpone its release, allowing for the inclusion of captivating photos from the D day, preserving cherished memories for future generations.
Simultaneously, the crowd was introduced to the newly edited book titled “Apatani-Change and Continuity,” a groundbreaking literary work with its own unique ISBN. This momentous publication, meticulously edited by Nending Ommo, Dr. Padi Hana, Dr. Kime Mamung, and Ms. Nani Umie, promises to document the remarkable transformations and steadfast continuity observed within Apatani society.
In an expression of gratitude and contentment, Chairman Dani Sulu of CCDFC 2023 lauded the successful execution of the festival celebration. He highlighted the unprecedented move to incorporate live event photographs into the souvenir magazine, making it a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Arunachal: Dree Festival celebrated at Itanagar Capital Complex

General Secretary Hano Takka of CCDFC 2023 extended his heartfelt thanks to all committee members, devoted Dree Nyibus, supportive well-wishers, enthusiastic football teams, and the entire public for their unwavering cooperation throughout the entire festival.
With the release of these remarkable works, the Dree Festival 2023 celebrated not only its cultural heritage but also embraced the evolving nature of the Apatani society. These literary gems are sure to play a vital role in preserving and appreciating the Apatani culture’s rich tapestry for generations to come, added Takka.


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